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With a vast array of perfumes it is confusing to know where to start! Maybe you have a few perfume notes you love or a particular style? Our perfumes are easy to explore via their notes (compositions) and styles – The Perfume Wheel. Coming soon to the website will be our special find-a-perfume tool which will allow you to chose a perfume you know and love and see which SCperfume products are similar. We offer the ability to purchase tester vials for many of our perfumes so there is nothing to stop you giving it a go!
You decide who you want to be! Pick a perfume that matches your personality, your style, your élan. From the glamour of floral accords to mysterious sensuality of oriental notes there are perfumes that boldly announce your presence. Fresh and green scents can give you a boost during the day and accentuate your can-do attitude. Fruity-Floral combinations are innocent and joyful, for the young and young at heart. Feminine woody and water notes convey your savoir-faire and modern outlook.
Mens perfume (often called cologne) is designed to accentuate your personality and give you a confidence boost to make all the right moves. Perfumes can be designed for the sportsman, the executive, the sophisticated charmer and the fashion clubber. Explore and enjoy!
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