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Alex is a range of mens' cologne featuring fougere and chypre accords amongst fresh and action-packed notes of pine, bergamot and woods. Oriental notes also feature subtly in this range giving a feeling of mystery. Wood notes lend a level of sophistication. Sporty, mysterious, sophisticated.
Aroma Link
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Aroma Link is a collaboration with premium French cosmetics company Laura Beaumont. Made with world leading blending methods, Aroma Link presents a range of natural fragrances for men and women.
Cindy is a very popular and widely known brand in Asian markets. A large range of fresh, fruity and floral fragrances that are unique and refreshing for any occasion. Explore and enjoy the many scents and sensations that these perfumes have to offer
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A joint development with Laura Beaumont, a premium French premium cosmetics company, DeAndre was developed after lengthy study of the world’s fashion trends, consumer tastes and the leading fragrance manufacturing tecnology of France.
Diana is a range of rich and deep sensual perfumes for the woman wishing to enhance her femininity. They feature middle notes of florals and variations in top notes and base notes makes this a range to collect and savour.
"A splash of Freshness" - the Essy range has a distinct fresh and fruity theme. Featuring top notes of fruits and berries that will enliven your senses, and middle notes of subtle florals over warming musk, there are 4 varieties to chose from each formulated as an Eau De Toilette for easy wear.
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A range of full-strength (EDP) perfumes invoking happiness, joy and freshness in a compact size for your purse. Explore the range which covers most of the perfume wheel.
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Miss Saigon Elegance
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The Miss Saigon Elegance range of luxury perfumes are presented in a unique glass bottle depicting a young women in a long dress and traditional Vietnamese conical hat. These seductive modern scents convey the beautiful images and scents of Vietnam to the world.
Miss Vietnam
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The Miss Vietnam range of perfumes is the premium collection from SCperfume. Each bottle is made from the finest ceramics and hand-painted in silver and gold. Each different bottle and scent captures the essence of Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam.
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Sabrina is a range of sweet, natural scents. Both exciting and mischievous, this range of perfume mists and shower creams help you feel confident and comfortable with your friends.
The saigon range contains many classic perfumes and some of the best sellers of the SCperfume brands. The classic No.1 and No.2 perfumes are timeless in there appeal and there is a strong oriental and musk theme running through this collection.
Zeus is our best selling mens fragrance both domestically and in the international market. This brand is sold in 3 different colognes, each with a uniquely masculine fragrance and is handsomely packaged. With fragrant themes of greens and woods these perfumes are inspired by the classic male accords of Fougère and Chypre fragrances.
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