Featured Perfume - j'adore by Dior

j'adore - by Dior is a fresh and sparkling Floral fragrance with fruity and floral notes. Most people's favourite perfumes come from the same perfume family, so if you like j'adore we highly recommend trying the following perfumes from our collection.

The Floral family is understandably the largest fragrance family and to improve the acuracy of perfume matching, perfume is classified into FRESH, CRISP, CLASSICAL and RICH aromas. Fresh fragrances are the lightest of fragrances and have a real effervescence and zing. Crisp fragrances have a bit more body and a deeper aroma. Classical fragrances are strong full body fragrances and Rich fragrances are the deepest and most pronounced perfumes in their class. j'adore is further classified into a sub-family of Fruity/Floral and has an accord of fruits and florals defining the fragrance.

The perfumes below are all our fragrances which are in the Floral family with a Fresh aroma with fruity/floral notes.

j'Adore is also noted as having notes of Rose, Ylang-ylang and Jasmine - so it is worth searching on these individual notes to fully explore our fragrances.


Perfumes from Floral Family with Fresh and Fruity Floral Characteristics

Cindy Charming

50ml, EDP

Essy New Trend

60ml, EDT

Essy Romance

60ml, EDT

Fantasy Blue

18ml, EDP

Fantasy Joyful

30ml, EDP

Fantasy Yellow

18ml, EDP

Sabrina Sea Breeze

135ml, Perfume Mist

Saigon No.5

40ml, EDP

Saigon No.65

30ml, EDP

Saigon No.66

30ml, EDP