Featured Perfume - Chanel Nº 5 by Chanel

Chanel Nº 5 - by Chanel is a classical Soft Floral fragrance. Soft Floral fragrances are usually distinguished from Florals by the addition of Aldehyde or Powdery notes. Most people's favourite perfumes come from the same perfume family, so if you like Chanel Nº 5 we highly recommend trying the following perfumes from our collection.

Chanel Nº 5 was the first perfume to feature the Aldehyde note so predominately and spawned a whole new family of fragrances. Chanel Nº 5 is further classified as having a Classical formulation which indicates that it is a fairly intense perfume with strong tones and rich body.

Classical formulations are considered to have balanced notes characteristic of the family to which they belong. presents 2 perfumes from this classification of Soft Floral with a Classical aroma, DeAndre Charming Kiss and Saigon No.1 with Saigon No.1 classififed as a soft floral due to its Aldehyde notes and Charming Kiss due to its powdery notes.

Both perfumes have the deep Classical aroma which makes them appeal to people who love Chanel Nº 5 .


Perfumes from Soft Floral Family with Classical Characteristics

Saigon No.1

30ml, EDP

Saigon No.1