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DeAndre Charming Kiss

DeAndre Charming Kiss
DeAndre Charming Kiss DeAndre Charming Kiss DeAndre Charming Kiss DeAndre Charming Kiss DeAndre Charming Kiss

DeAndre Charming Kiss

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Top Note:
Carnation, Mimose, Rose, Ylang-ylang
Middle Note:
Powdery Notes
Base Note:
Musk, Woody Notes
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

DeAndre Charming Kiss is a classical soft floral perfume. 50ml, EDP for women.

DeAndre Charming Kiss is a fragrance created for an elegant and spirited young woman in love.

Romantic by nature, DeAndre Charming Kiss inspires an intense and playful love, for which she is also searching. She personifies the spontaneous joie de vivre of today's young women, representing a particular type of freedom and seduction. The fragrance is characterised by an instant and captivating charm.

DeAndre Charming Kiss is a lyrical and romantic floral fragrance with delicate sweet mimose, blended with the fragrance of roses, carnations, ylang-ylang, powdery chalk and wood flavour.

DeAndre Charming Kiss is presented in an elegant 50ml bottle at Eau de Parfum strength. Developed in conjunction with top French cosmetics houses, this fragrance reaches the pinnacle of modern and sophisticated perfumery.

Top Note
  • Carnation
    A classical note with a spicy floral scent, with clove and pepper undertones, piquant, bright and vivid. In floral accords it is used to deepen floral bouquets and is especially effective combined with rose scent. It is used most often in oriental perfumes for its spicy undertones tinging them with dark sweet honey notes.
  • Mimose
    The scent is vivid and joyful a mixture of green violet and honey soaked almonds, innocent but enigmatic with a nuance of human warmth and intimacy. It is one of the most intriguing and complex of aromas, which can enhance the complexity, richness and nuance of many blends. The voluptuousness and animalistic character underneath the sweet innocence can be used in great effect in floral compositions.
  • Rose
    The Queen of flowers, the rose, is an international symbol of love, femininity and beauty. Rose notes can be anything from girly to glamorous, refreshing to opulent. Rose has the ability to effortlessly change the feel of a fragrance, depending on what it is paired with.
  • Ylang-ylang
    A delicate yet heady flowery note, sweet and rich with banana and jasmine nuances. It has a reputation of giving a narcotic, aphrodisiac and erotic fragrance to perfumes. A strong exotic, sweet, slightly fruity scent with a stunning heart of rich florals, Ylang Ylang captures the charm of spontaneous femininity. Add a bit of mystery to your perfume collection.
Middle Note
  • Powdery Notes
    Powdery Notes
    A powdery note indicates that a perfume exudes a dry and powdery, nose tickling aroma. Think of the softness and aroma of face powder or talcum powder's lemon-lavender-vanilla dryness. Powder notes are a fusion of iris, violet leaves, vanilla, musk, amber and oakmoss effects and impart a mineral-like dryness to a perfume.
Base Note
  • Musk
    Musk is a timeless note in the fragrance world - it is sensual, warm, captivating, typically described as having an animalistic nature. Also used for fixation and warming fragrance compositions, musk creates a groundwork on which the fragrance is composed. Typically the musk note is used to describe a darker, sensual and musty fragrance when compared to the White Musk note with is lighter, whiter and cleaner.
  • Woody Notes
    Woody Notes
    As a perfume note, woody notes are an umbrella term used to refer to fragrance notes coming from woody materials. Trees, bushes, bark, moss and wood notes conjuring winding forest paths either temperate or tropical. Warm and mysterious, dry and sharp or resin-like and balmy depending on the accord with the accompanying notes. Not necessarily masculine, feminine perfume with these notes evoke a particular brand of no-nonsense femininity.

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