Christmas Credits Promotion


*** The Christmas Credits Promotion has ended! 6:00PM 10/12/2013 *** is running a Christmas promotion where we are offering:

  1. $10 store credit for each $30 spent online at

  2. Free gift wrapping and tagging of your perfumes. Each perfume you order can be individually gift wrapped with its own TO and FROM tag.

  3. Free split delivery! We will ship to your billing address and your shipping address as per your instructions!

  4. Free Gift for you! With every order, you can select one of our Sample Sets to be sent to you for free.

    View all our sample set here

To qualify for all of the above promotions you must use the Coupon Code SCC2013 during the checkout process.

Offer is only open to Australian residents, with an Australian postal address, as we do not ship overseas.


Detailed Example

You want to order 2 perfumes from us and send one to you for your little sister and one to Uncle Murray who lives at another address and receive your free Sample Set! And you want both to be gift wrapped and tagged.

Step One – Select The Perfume

Alex No.0 $16 for Uncle Murray who lives in Perth.

Fantasy Happy $19 for little sister Martha who lives at home with you.

Step Two – Select your free Sample Set

Go to the Sample Sets section of the website and add to your cart the sample set that you are interested in. Lets say you would like to try all the Fantasy Colours so you select Fantasy Colours Sample Set and add to cart.

Step Three – Checkout – Address and Gift Wrapping

During the checkout process you will need to:

  • Enter Uncle Murray's address in the Shipping Address section 

  • Enter your address in the Billing Address section 

  • Check the Gift Wrapping check-box

  • In the Gift Wrapping and Special Delivery Instructions text box you will need to be very specific! 

  • example 

  • "Please gift wrap Alex No.1 and send to Shipping Address with tag To: Uncle Murray, From: Sarah. 

  • Please gift wrap Fantasy Happy and send to Billing Address with tag To: Martha, From: Sarah"

Step Four – Checkout – Claim Your Sample Set

You should have chosen your free Sample Set at this stage and it should be in your cart. Please note that if you have selected multiple Sample Sets we will only send you one!

Step Four – Checkout with Coupon Code SCC2013

In the Redeem Coupon box type the coupon code SCC2013 – this will make your chosen Sample Set Free and qualify you for Christmas Credits, Free Split Shipping and Free Gift-wrapping.

Step Five - Complete Checkout and receive your Christmas Credits!

After you have completed your checkout and paid, we will confirm all your details and issue you with your Christmas Credits!!!! You will receive $10 store credit per $30 spent (including any shipping fees.) Christmas Credits are calculated by rounding down to the nearest $30. e.g. if you spent $40 you will receive $10 in store credit, if you spent $29 you won't receive store credit.

In our example, $47 was spent (including shipping) so we would issue a $10 store credit for your next purchase!


Terms and Conditions For “Christmas Credits Promotion”
  1. Offer is only open to Australian residents, with an Australian postal address, as we do not ship overseas.

  2. Offer is valid for a limited time and maybe withdrawn at any time.

  3. The promotion code SCC2013 entitles the redeemer of the code receive Christmas Credits, Split Shipping, Gift-wrapping if desired and one free Sample Set.

    If there is more than ONE sample set selected we will only send you one, chosen at our discression.

  4. Shipping is NOT free and is charged according to our rules. $12 for orders under $100. For purposes of this promotion if you specifiy that some perfume is to be delivered to your BILLING ADDRESS this delivery is included in any shipping charges you may have alreayd paid.

  5. This promotion code and this offer in general can be redeemed for as many orders as the customer likes up until the promotion ends.

  6. Store Credits can only be redeemed on subsequent orders made through and are not transferable for cash. Store Credits can be used to pay for any subsequent purchases once they have been issued after payment has been recieved and the order has been processed and validated.

  7. Store Credits are caclulate at $10 for each $30 spent, rounded down to the nearest $30.

  8. Store Credits spent on subsequent orders during the life of this promotion still count towards additional store credits.

  9.  Store credits will expire after 1 year of issue date.

  10. Preparation and Shipping of your Free Sample Set may take up to 2 weeks and may be sent seperatly from the rest of your order.

  11. This offer can be terminated at any time at the store owners discression.