Tester Promotion

Currently we are not running a free tester promotion. 3ml testers are available for $2 for all our perfumes. Don't forget about our Tester Club - for every $2 spent on testers, you recieve $1 store credit. Full Details Here

What testers are available?

To check the availability of testers please check this page:

This page show which perfumes have testers available and is useful when we run a limited quantity tester give-away.


Terms and Conditions For “Tester Promotion”
  1. Offer entitles a customer to receive one free tester, subject to availability, and for the customer to have completed the “like”, registration, checkout, and reply to the welcome email with the codeword.

  2. Offer is only open to Australian residents, with an Australian postal address, as we do not ship overseas.

  3. Offer is valid for a limited time and maybe withdrawn at any time.

  4. If for any reason, we cannot ship your selected product we will ship a similar product at our discretion.

  5. Offer is only available for new accounts created on our website and new users must reply to the welcome email with the codeword to be eligible.

  6. Liking the page is part of the qualification process to receive your free perfume. If your Facebook name is significantly different from your usual name, please place a note on your order telling us what your Facebook name is so we can check that you have liked the page.

    We will check the status of our Facebook page to verify if you have liked our facebook page a number of times during the order confirmation, preparation and shipping process and if we cannot verify that you have liked our page during any part of our fulfilment process we reserve the right not to send you your perfume.

  7. All customers participating in this offer must register their details will us as part of normal website registration process.

  8. Preparation, Shipping and Delivery of your item will take up to 1 week. We will not send perfume to addresses that we cannot verify.

  9. Customers email address will be verified and only customers with verified email addresses will be elligable to receive the free promotion.
  10. We reserve the right to not ship any free perfume testers to a customer for any reason.