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Jackson No.0

Jackson No.0
Jackson No.0 Jackson No.0 Jackson No.0

Jackson No.0

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Top Note:
Bergamot, Green Notes
Middle Note:
Geranium, Pine, Thyme
Base Note:
Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

Jackson No.0 is a crisp woods cologne with a green accord. 100ml, EDP for men.

Jackson No.0 is an effervescent, sparkling fragrance which bursts out the bottle with a zesty, piney, citrusy explosion! You are plunged headlong into the forest, as the sunlight disappears behind you and the smell of the greens and earth start to filter up to your nose.

You could be exploring or you could just be headed to work, Jackson No.0 is a full strength Eau De Parfum for men with top notes of Green and Bergamot to excite your nose and middle notes of spice and pepper to keep you motivated. Base notes of Cedar for a woody aroma and Patchouli and Vetiver an for earthy smoky musky warmth rounds out this impressive cologne.

Top Note
  • Bergamot
    Named after the Italian city of Bergamo, the Bergamot orange is a small citrus fruit and is used extensively in perfumery for its sweet freshness. Bergamot has an aroma which is delicate, light and citrusy, sometimes bitter and sour, think of Earl Grey tea! Bergamot breathes life into fragrances, making them refreshing and invigorating blend. Making it a perfect note to energise woody notes and add zing to floral or green notes.
  • Green Notes
    Green Notes
    Umbrella term for perfume notes that evoke fresh leaves, foliage, and newly-mown grass scents. Green notes are fresh and lively and are used to make a fragrance feel crisp and sharp, natural and energetic. These scents are well-suited for daytime, when their sporty, modern appeal makes them a great fit for any casual or outdoor gathering. Green notes can combine for a formal rather than sporty personality with lighter green notes giving a family fresh appeal.
Middle Note
  • Geranium
    Geranium can lend a lemony green scent to a perfume and also smell rose-like or peppery. It can give a very balanced herbal note that is, crisp, green and slightly peppery. When used to highlight floral scents, sweet minty undertones and a refined rosy smell come to the fore.
  • Pine
    Simple, very natural and invigorating, sappy-green, with a slight hint to lemon zest. The essence of pine needles, a resinous woody smell of pine trees in the summer sun, evocative of freshly-cut wood and the sounds and smells of the forest on a warm day. The pine note is very powerful for many people, transporting them back onto the sun dappled forest trail with a single whiff.
  • Thyme
    "our close-bit thyme that smells like dawn in paradiseā€ - Rudyard Kipling

    Thyme is a classic herbal culinary smell; woody, savoury, with tomes of lemon and citrus it balances the powerful base notes of men's perfumes. It can have a sparkling greeness about it and can make for a unforgettable top note in its own right.
Base Note
  • Cedarwood
    Cedarwood presents a dry and woody flavour with a trace of resin and spice, a sombre note that has a grounding effect on perfume it is used in. Calming and pure, it combines beautifully with citrus notes and aromatics to smooth and soften a fragrance's boquet. Bringing subtlety to men's fragrances and anchoring airy floral notes of women's perfume, cedarwood is used in mainy popular perfumes.
  • Patchouli
    Patchouli is a bushy herb of the mint family with a richer aroma of earthy, smoky, spicy, and musky notes. It is an exotic, sensual and luxurious perfume ingredient which blends well with oriental and aromatic perfumes but it is especially known for it use in woody floral musk styles. Once know as a 'hippy' bouquet Patchouli is indispensable in the creation of modern perfumes.
  • Vetiver
    Vetiver is a tall grass with the so called 'oil of tranquillity' extracted from its roots, also know as Khus it is widely used in perfumery and foods. It's deep earth smell is described as dry, woody, rooty, musty with dark chocolate and smoke. Veitiver is used, to a greater or lessor extent, in more that 90% of all perfume but when used to describe a perfume note, the smoky facets, green freshness and earthy woodiness is pronounced.

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