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Miss Saigon Elegance No.2

Miss Saigon Elegance No.2
Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 Miss Saigon Elegance No.2

Miss Saigon Elegance No.2

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Miss Saigon Elegance
Top Note:
Apricot, Blackcurrant, Mandarin
Middle Note:
Freesia, Jasmine, Lily
Base Note:
Cedarwood, White Musk
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 is classical soft Oriental perfume. 50ml, EDP for women.

Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 is pure and gentle with a delicate blend of floral notes and wood, a beautiful and very feminine scent. Not an overpowering fragrance, yet it still gets you noticed, so easy to wear and perfect for the office and everyday wear. Sometimes, all a girl wants to be is pretty and this scent is ideal to enhance a gentle and friendly personality.

Starting with appealing gourmand notes of Apricot, Blackcurrant buds and Mandarin this perfume's ethereal and delicate heart notes of Freesia, Jasmine and white lily combine beautifully with a warm bad of incense cedarwood and white musk.

The Miss Saigon Elegance range are high class perfumes, beautifully presented in a glass bottle shaped like a Vietnamese lady, in the long traditional dress (Ao Dai) and platinum plated conical hat. Packaged in a wonderful satin lined box this fragrance carries the beautiful image of Vietnam all over the world.

Miss Saigon Elegance No.2 comes in a beautiful 50ml glass bottle and is formulated at Eau De Parfum concentration.

Top Note
  • Apricot
    Delicious, yummy and sweet! A fuzzy soft sweet ice-cream fruity note also reminiscent of an after-dinner sticky-liqueur or even a classic sweet/savoury dish. For the young at heart, this note is the quintessential gourmand-like note, with Apricots being reminiscent of savoury and sweet foods.
  • Blackcurrant
    Despite its name, this note is not considered a fruity note. Also called cassis the Black Currant note is obtained from the leaves of the bush and give a fragrance a tangy, lush green tartness. By itself cassis has a characteristic odour euphemistically called “a touch of cat” but in combination with other fruity notes, resins and violets, can give rise to simply stunning perfume compositions.
  • Mandarin
    The aroma of mandarin makes great addition to floral compositions and colognes. This uplifting and sensual scent blends nicely with other citrus notes as well as spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. It is very sweet, fruity and citrusy with a light floral undertone. The scent is very relaxing and calming, and suitable for mystical fantasy fragrances.
Middle Note
  • Freesia
    With an electric freshness and refreshingly floral, light peppery smell, Freesia gives a mouthwatering sheen and freshness to perfumes. Reminiscent of the florists shop this jolting, fresh, spring-like note is a classic component for clean, feminine, pretty compositions.
  • Jasmine
    The warmth, fullness and opulence of jasmine is beautifully sensual. Jasmine has a greenness to it that gives a fragrance a dark mysterious quality, an animalistic background against the sweet narcotic scent makes this note one of the most popular in perfumery.
  • Lily
    Lily a symbol for purity, creates a bouquet of pure and sensuous femininity. Having an aroma which is described as floral, sweet, and gentle with some spicy and waxy notes, Lily is majestic in its subtlety of intoxicating facets including brine, stables and animalistic tonality.
Base Note
  • Cedarwood
    Cedarwood presents a dry and woody flavour with a trace of resin and spice, a sombre note that has a grounding effect on perfume it is used in. Calming and pure, it combines beautifully with citrus notes and aromatics to smooth and soften a fragrance's boquet. Bringing subtlety to men's fragrances and anchoring airy floral notes of women's perfume, cedarwood is used in mainy popular perfumes.
  • White Musk
    White Musk
    Whilst still having a slight animalistic nature, White Musk is brighter and lighter, emphasising a soapy and clean feel, often having a floral or fruity undertone. Also used for fixation and warming fragrance compositions, White Musk creates a lighter and more subtle groundwork on which the fragrance is composed compared to the classic Musk note.

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