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Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum)

Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum)
Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum)

Miss Vietnam Hue (Platinum)

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Miss Vietnam
Top Note:
Orange Blossom
Middle Note:
Mimose, Orchid, Rose
Base Note:
Amber, Cedarwood
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

Miss Vietnam - Hue (Platinum) is floral perfume with a fresh and effervescent tone and a citrus/fruity accord. 35ml, EDP for women.

Miss Vietnam - Hue (Platinum) is presented in a fine porcelain bottle featuring the national dress, the áo dài with hand-painted dragonflies and bamboo in silver and grey. Wearing the khăn đóng, a circular headdress worn for weddings and formal occasions.

In autumn flowers and orchids fall into the Perfume River, upstream from city Hue in central Vietnam. A magical time as the river flows by temples and villages, the perfume-like aroma of the river, the purple sky at sunset. Unforgettable. A sweet deep lullaby of time passing slowly.

Miss Vietnam - Hue, captures this moment in time with gentle orange blossoms deepening into a heart of sweet tranquillity with orchids, rose and mimose. The base notes of amber and Cedar Wood complete the dreamy, gentle fragrance landscape.

Miss Vietnam is an unique combination of traditional ceramics art and advanced perfumery. The collection is inspired by Vietnamese traditional dresses from North, Central and South of Vietnam. The exquisite painting on the bottle is finely hand drawn individually in platinum by our professional artists.

Top Note
  • Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom is extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, as is Neroli, but have very different aromas. It has a fresh and sweetish floral note and complements other citrus notes. It can smell similar to Jasmine and Rose but gives a real sparkle to men's and women's fragrances radiating freshness and a real right-here right-now vibe. A very important note in many perfumes.
Middle Note
  • Mimose
    The scent is vivid and joyful a mixture of green violet and honey soaked almonds, innocent but enigmatic with a nuance of human warmth and intimacy. It is one of the most intriguing and complex of aromas, which can enhance the complexity, richness and nuance of many blends. The voluptuousness and animalistic character underneath the sweet innocence can be used in great effect in floral compositions.
  • Orchid
    A hybrid or fantasy note that is exotic and refined, the Orchid note is usually synthesised from a variety of components. The Orchid note aims to be powdery, sweet and clean often with a vanilla nuance. It gives a powdery lushness to floral bouquets with a modern emphasis on a refined sweet and clean finish.
  • Rose
    The Queen of flowers, the rose, is an international symbol of love, femininity and beauty. Rose notes can be anything from girly to glamorous, refreshing to opulent. Rose has the ability to effortlessly change the feel of a fragrance, depending on what it is paired with.
Base Note
  • Amber
    The amber note is warm, sweet and rich. A building block of the “Oriental” perfumes it is typically an accord of vanilla and rock-rose with a warm incense undertone of dusky, sombre qualities and brighter notes of cut wood. Of golden colour and natural beauty the Amber note is one of classic glamour and sensuality.
  • Cedarwood
    Cedarwood presents a dry and woody flavour with a trace of resin and spice, a sombre note that has a grounding effect on perfume it is used in. Calming and pure, it combines beautifully with citrus notes and aromatics to smooth and soften a fragrance's boquet. Bringing subtlety to men's fragrances and anchoring airy floral notes of women's perfume, cedarwood is used in mainy popular perfumes.

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