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Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum)

Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum)
Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum) Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum)

Miss Vietnam Hanoi (Platinum)

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Miss Vietnam
Top Note:
Apple, Peach
Middle Note:
Jasmine, Violet Leaf
Base Note:
Sandalwood, Vanilla
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi  (Platinum) is a floral perfume with a crisp and invigorating tone and a citrus/fruity accord. 35ml, EDP for women.

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi  (Platinum) is presented in a hand-painted fine porcelain bottle with the traditional dress Northern Vietnam, the 4-part dress or Áo tứ thân. Complete with the nón quai thao, a flat palm hat worn on special occassions this perfume represents the elegance, warmth, subtle smiles and hospitality of the people of northern Vietnam.

The sweet scent of fruit harmoniously combined with violets and oriental warmth of vanilla and sandalwood invoke the memories of Hanoi in the cool of autumn.

Miss Vietnam is an unique combination of traditional ceramics art and advanced perfumery. The collection is inspired by Vietnamese traditional dresses from North, Central and South of Vietnam. The exquisite painting on the bottle is finely hand drawn individually in platinum by our professional artists.

Top Note
  • Apple
    Apple has an aroma which is appetising, fresh, and fruity. This fruity note gives perfumes a real sparkle and liveliness with a smell that is both familiar and energising. Of all the fruity notes Apples fresh appeal is the greatest.
  • Peach
    The peach smell is well known for its sparkling fruity tones. Sweet, velvety, warm, and ripe, tender and feminine, the aroma combines well with fruity and floral fragrances. Reminiscent of warm spring days and tropical cocktails the peach note adds a velvety suppleness to floral perfumes and a counterpoint in complex aromatic perfumes.
Middle Note
  • Jasmine
    The warmth, fullness and opulence of jasmine is beautifully sensual. Jasmine has a greenness to it that gives a fragrance a dark mysterious quality, an animalistic background against the sweet narcotic scent makes this note one of the most popular in perfumery.
  • Violet Leaf
    Violet Leaf
    A very different note from the violet flowers, the violet leaf note has a cut grass aroma and an aqueous cut-cucumber freshness. With its green and aqueous nature, Violet Leaf adds a refreshing tang most often used in male fragrances but also an exciting element in feminine perfumes. f
Base Note
  • Sandalwood
    Sandalwood has a well known relaxing smell, described as being oriental, woody, milky, soft, lasting and rich. A sweet fragrance with delicate wood notes that promotes sleep and reduces stress. Sandalwood gives great depth to floral, citrus and aromatic perfumes and makes the middle notes of a fragrance linger on the skin and trail behind the wearer.
  • Vanilla
    Vanilla has an aroma which is silky smooth, warm, uplifting, sweet, cosy, and comforting. In feminine fragrances it exudes class, tenderness and sensuality. For masculine fragrances it embodies smoothness and sensitivity and radiates the relaxed suaveness of the classic gentleman. It is one of the defining notes in the Oriental family of scents.

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