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Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold)

Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold)
Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold)

Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold)

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Miss Vietnam
Top Note:
Citrus Notes
Middle Note:
Jasmine, Narcissus
Base Note:
Amber, Patchouli
Eau De Parfum
Size (ml):

Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) is a floral perfume with a fresh and engaging tone and a citrus/fruity accord. 35ml, EDP for women.

Miss Vietnam Saigon (Gold) is presented in a fine porcelain bottle featuring green glazing and hand-painted details rendered in gold. The bottle depicts a young lady in the national dress, the áo dài with the famous conical palm hat, the nón lá.

For those who have been to Ho Chi Minh City or those wistful for exotic locations you can capture the feel of the city with the scent of Miss Vietnam – Saigon. A delicate composition imbued with the essential scents and style of Ho Chi Minh.

From the fresh notes of citrus in the morning, to the heady work-day scents that surround you in Saigon of jasmine and daffodils, this fragrance speaks of the hustle-and-bustle and excitement and energy of Ho Chi Minh. Finishing with base notes of amber and patchouli this is an exceptionally well crafted perfume to wear throughout the day and night.

Miss Vietnam is an unique combination of traditional ceramics art and advanced perfumery. The collection is inspired by Vietnamese traditional dresses from North, Central and South of Vietnam. The exquisite painting on the bottle is finely hand drawn individually in gold by our professional artists.

Top Note
  • Citrus Notes
    Citrus Notes
    From the zest of lemons, mandarins, bergamot, oranges and grapefruit come the citrus oils that lend these fragrances their distinctive, tangy aroma. Perfume infused with the tangy essence of citrus fruits are a lively and energetic bunch.
Middle Note
  • Jasmine
    The warmth, fullness and opulence of jasmine is beautifully sensual. Jasmine has a greenness to it that gives a fragrance a dark mysterious quality, an animalistic background against the sweet narcotic scent makes this note one of the most popular in perfumery.
  • Narcissus
    The “dark note” of the floral family. A powdery, heady, narcotic floral bouquet with sweet, hypnotic, and green facets hiding an animalistic nuance. A bit naughty, a bit sultry, worn to make a statement and used exclusively in high class feminine perfumes.
Base Note
  • Amber
    The amber note is warm, sweet and rich. A building block of the “Oriental” perfumes it is typically an accord of vanilla and rock-rose with a warm incense undertone of dusky, sombre qualities and brighter notes of cut wood. Of golden colour and natural beauty the Amber note is one of classic glamour and sensuality.
  • Patchouli
    Patchouli is a bushy herb of the mint family with a richer aroma of earthy, smoky, spicy, and musky notes. It is an exotic, sensual and luxurious perfume ingredient which blends well with oriental and aromatic perfumes but it is especially known for it use in woody floral musk styles. Once know as a 'hippy' bouquet Patchouli is indispensable in the creation of modern perfumes.

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